Why Volunteer?

Next year, with you, right here! – Zsuzsi

Zsuzsi is currently a member of our Communication and Branding Team. She joined us in 2017 and visited Magyarbánhegyes. When she is not in the Knapsack Camps spending time with the children, she works as an economic informatitian, hikes or travels, paints and draws. And now she is telling us how she arrived in our team.

Once back in the winter looking on social media at one of my friends’ I discovered some photos with blue T-shirts. They were so joyful and full of energy… it simply grabbed me. I did some research on what exactly this is. What do they do? The answer was the Knapsack Camps and long, long stories about the pleasant experiences. How could I not want to join after this?

I have always liked works in community organizing and volunteering. I have been a camp leader for children in summer camps for years, and I had just considered where else I could go besides my familiar camps, what new thing I could take up. The Knapsack Camps offered me an excellent opportunity! I went to the volunteer recruitment around the early spring where I met a lot of smily and cheerful volunteers and decided that yes(!), I would also like to be a part of this experience.

I was really looking forward to the camp. Despite the many camps behind me, I was still nervous, since this one had an entirely different style. We arrived and plunged ourselves into the camp life. It was fantastic as children with shining faces appeared at the camp gate waiting for playing and having an amazing time together! The games here meant something beyond the familiar games. They were educational games, which the children could use to gain insight into the world of Finance, Chemistry, Psysics and Economics.

We weren’t just adults who teach the children, but their friends and big siblings, whom they could count on and ask for advice. Whom they could wait for each morning at the gate with a tight hug and a big smile, and who they could say goodbye to on the last day with tearful eyes. But it wasn’t only them who said goodbye with tearful eyes… it was hard for everyone to leave the camp, or rather to leave the children, who really grew close to our hearts. We made countless pinky swears that we would meet “right here next year”. And I can’t wait for “right here next year”!

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