An A for interviewing – a report on our visit to Litke – Bea

The second village, which we visited this autumn was Litke. We had a very similar plan in terms of our daytime programs, like in Lácacséke, however we knew that we were going to have many more children. So it was, a lot of lively and tireless children waited for us in the school on Saturday morning.

After some icebreaker games we divided into groups and departed into the village. Later, everyone came back with a bunch of videos which they recorded with their phones. The objective was to find solutions to the village’s certain problems and ask for the opinion of other inhabitants about their prospective plans. My group’s work was excellent. They skilfully interviewed the adults and each other, their summary of the problem and the solution was comprehensive, but most importantly, they did not back up from the task and for me, this was the most amazing. The task was given, and they did it. Our topic was the lack of entertainment in the village, and many of us wanted a disco. For the rest, look at our video. 😉

After the film making, we went for lunch and then started a movie. We watched the animation movie, Inside Out with them as well, so that we could talk about it the next day.
However, around the one third of the movie, the children started to go to the bathroom more and more often. By the end of the movie, many of them left and rather spent the time in the gym hall playing football. We also learnt from this; if we cannot preoccupy them for two hours, a movie will not grab their attention neither. Consequently, next time we will prepare with something more interesting.

Due to that many of them did not watch the movie until the end, it was difficult the next day to get together that small group of them who did, so that we could play a drama game based on what they have seen in the movie. And to be honest, they were not very enthusiastic when they heard that we wanted to create a sort of theatrical environment. Okay, maybe it is an exaggeration to say that they were not enthusiastic, but some immediately asked if they can join the others to play ball games. We did not want to force it, so we skipped this program and rather played other games where we could gain experience. The most popular was the photographing game, which we wrote about in one of our previous post on visiting Magyarbánhegyes.

Although, our weekend did not always go as we planned it, we acquired new experiences and had a joyful time. We said goodbye to each other on Sunday afternoon, but we didn’t become sad, because we knew that we were to see each other soon and won’t have to wait until the summer.

It is worth to follow our posts, as the other videos will be ready soon and will be out on our youtube channel.

Have a nice day!

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