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Teaching is Entertaining – Vivi

Vivi is currently a member of our Finance Team. She joined in 2017 when she visited Litke. When she is not with the children from the Knapsack Camps, she is going to Corvinus University, she plays the organ or works as a cantor. Now, she will tell us her first experience with Knapsack Camps.

I have always been interested in efficient teaching. Once I helped a second grade girl in studying and I always prepared for our lessons with great cheer. I was fortunate to have teachers who gave me motivation to study, but unfortunately, there are children who don’t have this privilege, who often see studying as a struggle. It could be shown to them that studying can actually be entertaining and it is something worthwhile! This is partly why I gladly joined the Knapsack Camps when I heard about them from one of my childhood friends, because these camps serve precisely this purpose.

 In the summer of 2017 I had the opportunity to visit Litke for a week. I went there to enrich others with an unforgettable experience, and exceeding my expectations, I also gained countless beautiful experiences and skills and got to know countless fantastic people there. The volunteers were all amazingly sweet and helpful, and the children… very nice, cute and adorable. That experience left a deep impression in my memories. When we were playing table football with the children in one of the breaks, and a volunteer came to tell us that the session was about to begin outside, the children didn’t even react, not even to multiple warnings. As they kept playing, I told them “alright, that’s it, let’s go!” and they went out right away. My volunteer friend remarked that they were jealous of me because the children listen to me without being strict with them. That felt great! Of course there were times when it didn’t go just like that… :’D but there’s always room to grow!

 This camp is a great opportunity both for the children and the volunteers. The children can get the motivation for studying that they might not have had before, and the volunteers, besides helping others, can learn a lot themselves while having a great time. I can only recommend it to everyone!

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