Why Volunteer?

Football in the Evening – Marci

Marci is currently our Administration Coordinator. He joined the team in 2017, when he visited Lácacséke. When is not with the kids from the Knapsack Camps, he likes to learn languages, run and folk-dance.

The setting sun throws a golden glow on the surroundings. The village is quiet, around us everything is tranquil. A small child happily runs towards us from the nearby house shouting our names. He joins the girls and begs them to pick him up. You cannot say no to his beaming eyes so one of the girls lifts him up to her neck.

Passing by the house, Moses’ brothers look at us inquiringly with a friendly half-smile under their wispy mustache.

Later they also join us.

A few minutes later the eldest eagerly talks about the parameters of our hire car, tells us where he went in Austria, where he plays music and proudly says that he has been to Budapest already.

Once we arrived back at the house, they invite us to go inside to take a look at Fulop. Fulop, the plough-horse lives behind the house in a room with no doors or windows. It is a nice, big, muscly animal, Mozes hardly reaches its stomach.  

They walk us out.

The boy walks with us for a while, and then makes us promise that we will come back tomorrow.

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