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Ms Zsuzsa – Dodó

Dodó is currently part of our Content Development Team. She joined in 2017, when she visited Lácacséke. When she is not with children from Knapsack Camps, she still spends a lot of time around children, for example, she is volunteering for Family First St. Andrews.

My brother and I went to the same primary school. He had a difficult relationship with his teacher which only deteriorated over the years, so they were both grateful when the time came to part ways. This is when I came into the picture. It turned out, that my class will get a new mathematics teacher, namely, my brother’s old teacher, Ms Zsuzsa. I was very frightened and scared that with everything that happened in the past between her and my brother, she will be prejudiced against me because as my brother’s sister she will think we must be similar. For this reason, during our first maths class, I gathered all my concentration to solve the problems and presented the correct answers as soon as I could. Ms Zsuzsa noticed my eagerness and after class she asked me if I would be interested in an interactive maths workshop with her, where if I want I could even prepare for competitions. I said yes.

After this we met once every week before school to solve logical problems, played with mathematical board games, or we just talked about everyday life. As time went by, my skills improved and I was able to produce better and better results. Ms Zsuzsa was the most influential person during my early teenage years and I can declare that without her, my life would have been completely different –probably now I wouldn’t be studying Mathematics at the University of St Andrews.

And how is this related to the Knapsack Camps?

We all want to become Ms Zsuzsa. To give children a clean slate without any prejudice and help them fill this according to their own taste. There are many types of children and we need many types of Ms Zsuzsa with different backgrounds and methods. The late childhood/early adolescence is a critical point in everyone’s life and we have a need for adults who look after us, love us and help us to reach our own potential. If you think you have some free time and you would gladly use this to help children who don’t receive much attention; you should then apply to the Knapsack Camps!

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