2018-as TáborokNyári táborok

Magyarbánhegyes 2018

This summer, we had our third summer camp in Magyarbánhegyes. The enthusiastic volunteer crew arrived to the village at the end of July, after a long but fun train ride. The first night was spent with team building exercises, and loads of practice of the programs for the following day.

The Greek mithological theme of the camp gave us plenty of opportunities to get creative with cotumes and have multiple discussions about the Greek gods and myths.

Then the week began… Monday morning, many participants arrived to the courtyard of the school and joined our morning exercise and ice breaker games. By the afternoon, not only did the kids made new friends but managed to set up a couple of new rules for the camp. It was really great to see how the children came up with newer and newer thing to be included in order to make the camp fun and enjoyable for everyone.

The structure of the days was helpful to both the children and the volunteers – we had roccuring events such as the walks to the diner, playing football in the the afternoons, playing ballgames in the foyer, and the unforgetable role-play games at the end of the day. But between these, we were very busy doing our more ‘educational’ programmes:  we wrote letters to the children of other Knapsack villages, experimented with starch and water making Newtonian liquids, played steeplechase. One afternoon, we had a very interesting and deep conversation about the dangers of the internet. And at the end of the week we not only presented but played with the project works (made-up new sports), which the kids had been working on the whole week. One of the sports was so successful, that we even played it on the day after.

To sum it up, we could see the development of the participating children, not just throuth the years but throught this week. To me, when one of the most naughty kids sat down to write a letter (in silence!) (after half an hour of chasing) was one of the greatest successes.

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