2in1 – The visit of Lácacséke and Sajókaza in one weekend

For our first weekend visit in the 2018/2019 academic year, we decided to kill two birds with one stone and visit our two locations in Borsod county, going to Lácacséke on the Saturday and visiting Sajókaza on the Sunday. Bea, Kriszti, Andris, Jakob, and I (Heni) have volunteered in the summer camps in both villages, so we were super excited to see the children again. Friday night stayed at the guesthouse of the mayor of Lácacséke, where we were warmly welcomed, even though we arrived quite late. During dinner, we planned the programme for tomorrow and went to sleep shortly after.

In the morning the mayor surpirsed us with some breakfast, and then we headed to the library where we generally hold the programme.  Since we only had 3 children at 10 (when we were supposed to start), we took a short walk around the village to invite some old friends. Eventually, we gathered 10 kids and strated the preparations for the holidays.   We découpaged lampions made from jars and Christmasy napkins, from old boks we made paperstars for the Cristmas tree, and made some ornaments from orange peel. Of course, we played many running-balling games in between. At 5 pm, we said goodbye, packed and headed to Sajókaza. I have never experienced such darkness than on the empty roads of  Borsod county, but after 2 hours of driving, we arrived at the Ambedkar School of Sajókaza, where our old friend, Gábor (one of the teachers) was waiting for us. We quickly made some dinner, then went to bed.

At 9 am on Sunday, we already had some kids on the courtyard, but they were patiently waiting until 10, when we started the programme. We started with a quick name-learning game, then the kids could saw snomen from white socks, which they stuffed with rice and emblished with buttons.  We also made some ornaments just like in Láca, then our perennial favourite, Pixel was a huge success. Sajókaza is the latest edition to our portfolio, and at the end of our first summer camp, the kids did not even want to believe that we would come back. So it was great to see how excited they were to see us again. Moreover, most of them came back, they were around 25, and since the first days of the summer camp, they improved massively: they were more patient and calm, and could concentrate for a longer period of time.

After  short lunch break, the children came back and we continued with the handicrafts and played football. They also told lots of stories about their lives while we are crafting with them, so we really got to know them better.

We have a very long, tiring but really meaningful weekend full of experiences behind our backs. And we are more than ready to visit these villages over and over again!

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