Litke and the music box

During the last weekend of November, Knapsack Camps visited Litke. The five keen volunteers left on Friday – so once they tested all the board games – they would be able to supervise the planned programmes well-rested.

At 10am on Saturday, the volunteers gathered on the schoolyard and once we took hold of the keys, we went straight to the school gym. We got a little bit tired playing ball games, so we continued the day with handcraft activities. We made Christmas tree decorations with differed techniques, made decoupage candle holders and sewed sock dolls. Depending on what they wanted to do, they all had a choice. This is where lot of the kids learnt how to sew a button on, but the glue gun was also very intriguing.

After lunch we continued the crafts, so everyone had a chance to finish off what they started or try something new. If someone wasn’t interested in making Christmas decorations, they could practice playing basketball. The afternoon passed quickly, so we had to leave and start making dinner, where we also talked through what happened during the day.

We also started Sunday morning with a softball game where we focused on team work. As the kids were asking, we went back to finish the sock dolls, which was a bit difficult because we didn’t have enough materials, but thanks to the kids’ creativity we still managed to create some innovative dolls. The board games which help develop logical thinking were also very popular, and as soon as we started playing, many more wanted to join so by the time we had a winner, there was hardly any space left at the table. The advantage of the board game we tried, is that the children can play it at home as they only need a couple of sheets of paper, pencils and a dice.

During the weekend, basketball was also a popular activity. The children were very proud to show off their tricks and how they pass the ball to us. Whilst playing the exhausting game, they learnt the rules, practiced passing the ball, dodging and it was good to see them getting better at it in such a short time. Just as a real team, we were happy for each other’s shooting, and after the game we all enjoyed the well-deserved afternoon snacks which were fruit and biscuits.

Of course, one of the inevitable accessories of the weekend was the music box, from which we played the favourite songs of the children and which created the excellent atmosphere from the very beginning. Bandi, who is our local contact, was with us during the activities and helped us with everything as usual which meant that all the preparation and finish was much easier for the school that hosted us. We were able to spend a nice weekend, rich with memories in Litke with the children, and forget about the stressful weekdays and about the up-coming exam period.

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