Utolsó állomás: Magyarbánhegyes

The last stop on our fall/winter visits was Magyarbánhegyes. As usual we left on Friday. Thanks to our local contacts we always get accommodation somewhere very unusual and exciting: we have slept in a buddhist sanctuary, hunting box and in a closed down leather factory before. This time we spent the weekend at the village’s boarding school,  which was very homey with its huge sofa, where all 5 of us were able to fit.We spent the first evening preparing for the next day’s activities and exploring the canteen kitchen. Only kitchen staff has access to the kitchen, which meant we had to climb through the delivery window. The smallest pot we found was big enough to prepare a meal for the entire week and the rose-burner wasn’t small either. The best part of the evening was when we reminded ourselves of our childhood by trying out the kitchen lady’s soup ladle.

On Saturday morning, a small but enthusiastic team welcomed us in the library. Because of the rainy weather we were only able to play in the entrance hall, for example ninja games and the children also showed us their acrobatic skills.  After this came the handcrafting activities, the children had lot of good ideas plus the ones we prepared and from the materials we provided they created many unique things.

The most popular game of the weekend was murder mystery, the kids were very familiar with this game and they love it as well. The older children are so good at this game that they not only play the different characters, but are also able to lead the game in an imaginary place. Apart from the excitement of the murders, the game develops the reasoning and debating skills through accusing and defending.

The afternoon was dedicated to board games, to stay within the murder mystery topic, we also played Cluedo, where everyone had the chance to show off their detective skills. We finished the day with an association game which helps to develop creativity.

In the evening we continued playing board games at the boarding school. These weekends, apart from building relationship with the children, are also very good for team building.

On Sunday morning we played another round of murder mystery and finished the remaining decorations. For most of us out of the five, it was the first time inMagyarbánhegyes: it’s always exciting to visit our villages and get to know the locals. We hope next time, we’ll have even more children at our activities.

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