The budget for 2018 is covered by the Open Society Foundations with 15,000 dollars. This amount will be spent on 2 day camps, the sleepover camp, at least 9 visits during the year and on electronic equipment (for instance printer and projector).
The camp at Litke is organized by two our volunteers attending the Central European University. CEU’s Learn&Engage programme supports us with 1000 euros.


In 2017-ben we organized 4 camps and visited each venue at least twice. We thank you for the 2,2 million forints that made all this possible!
We raised 3,6 million forints via a crowdfunding. In addition, we also received printers, notebooks, free transportation, car renting and cultural programs. The list of our sponsors can be found here.


All of our expenses were covered by the Davis Peace Project scholarship programme. This amounts to 2.270.000 forint.
Out of this, we spent 1.913.905 forints to organize 3 camps in 2016:

  • Expenses for the day camp at Magyarbánhegyes: 292.975 forint
  • Expenses for the day camp at Litke: 280.208 forint
  • Expenses for the sleepover camp at Agárd: 1.268.095 forint
  • General Expanses(for each camp): 65.322 forint