We believe that it is an essential part of our work that participant children develop personal relationships with the volunteers and gain personalised experiences and that we can follow their progress. Therefore, we have created the mentor programme, which currently has two parts: one type of mentoring happens during the camps and the other one during the year.

Both during the sleepaway camps and the day-care camps, each kid gets a volunteer “mentor” whose job is monitoring and guiding their progress, getting feedback about their experiences in the camp and get to know their background, everyday life better while assisting their strengths and needs.

In the autumn of 2017 we have also launched our first during-the-year mentor programme, involving our current 8th graders as participants and focusing on their secondary school entrance exam. In this school year, there are five children participating in this programme, each mentored by two volunteers via weekend visits and Skype. These volunteers keep track of the deadlines and help practicing for written and oral entrance exams. If needed, mentors help with entrance subjects, and give advice on choosing the appropriate educational institution, too.