Daycamp locations
Sleepaway camp location (2016)
Where our campers came from to our 2016 sleepaway camp (apart from Litke and Magyarbánhegyes)
Sleepaway camp location (2017)


Litke is a small village in county Nógrád with a population of 900. We organised our first camp here, that could not have been done without our contact, András Oláh. We sought out to András after we found a very inspiring interview with him. He welcomed our idea about the camps, and helped out in the recruitment of the participating children, and in finding accommodation for our volunteers. The camp in Litke was a lifetime experience for everyone, and we developed a close relationship with the community of the village. This is how Litke became one of our regular camp location and the destination of our visits during the year.


Magyarbánhegyes is located in Békés county and had a population of 2700. Like Litke, it is also a very deprived area both in therms of infrastructure and employment. We had a personal connection with the village from the beginning, since Ramóna Győrfi, one of the founders of our foundation is from here, and she already organised a camp here in 2015. The camp in Magyarbánhegyes was also a great success; there were days when we had 38 children instead of the expected 24. Of course, due to the great relationship we developed with the children and their parents, we would love to keep origanising the camps here.

Overnight Camp
Additionally, we organise a overnight camp in the reach of Budapest in every year, where we welcome participants from the ages of 10 and 15, from Hungary and beyond its boarders. Last year, we stayed in Agárd, where we had campers in from Litke, Magyarbánhegyes, Székesfehérvár, Devecser, Budapest, Slovakia, Serbia, and Ukraine. The location of this type of camps will vary in every year until we will have the budget to buy our own real estate. The close proximity of Budapest is a crucial to choose the venue, as it provides us the opportunity to visit museums and universities. (Last year, we payed a visit to Csodák Palotája (Palace of Miracles), the headquarters of the Hungarian Telecom, and the labs of Péter Pázmány University.)

Our first camps series were held in the summer of 2016, you can read more about them here.
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